First Martin County 2013 babies are fraternal twin boys

Sebastian Andres and Nicolas Alexander

STUART, Fla. - The first babies of 2013 for Martin County are Sebastian Andres Bohorquez (6 lb 8 oz), and his younger twin,  Nicolas Alexander Bohorquez (7 lb 10 oz).

Diane Bohorquez, the twins' mother, said she didn't expect this.

"A lot of friends joke about that'd be so cool if you had the first babies of the year," she said. "I said, 'No, that's not going to happen.' Then, sure enough, there you were."

Andres, the father, said he had a feeling that New Year's would be the big day.

"Usually on New Year's, we're out there having fun," he recalled. "But we were sitting at home last night just waiting—because I knew it was going to happen!"

He said when he first heard that he had fathered twins, he was shocked.

"They said, here's baby A and here's baby B, I was like, whoa," he laughed.

Diane said the twins' older sister, Ellie, wants to be with her newborn brothers all the time.

"She wants to constantly kiss them and hold them and touch them," she said.

Diane said having these twins is bringing healing to the family.

 "My brother was a twin," she said. "My mother actually carried two for a little while, and then ended up miscarrying one of them."

Despite the struggle of carrying the twins to full term, she said this is the family's happiest New Year ever.

"It was quite painful," she said. "It was a chore to sleep. But it was all worth it in the end, for these miracle babies."




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