Children learn the significance of 9/11, become motivated to serve and protect

STUART, Fla. - STUART, Fla. -- Every year on September 11, many people reminisce about where they were or what they were doing in 2001.

But for the younger generation, some are just learning about what happened twelve years ago.

Wednesday night, two powerful light beams on the Roosevelt Bridge emitted light hundreds of feet into the air to represent the North and South Twin Towers.

It's a symbol with significance  that many children are starting to learn.

8-year-old Logan Parsons spent the evening waving a flag on the corner of U.S 1 and Indian Street with his father, a Martin County Fire Rescue EMT.

"It makes me happy to be here," Logan said.

He learned for the first time Wednesday in school what makes September 11 so important.

"We were talking about 9/11, and the crashes of the planes, and all four of the crashes, and the person that was responsible for it," Logan described.

Wednesday he said he became more excited about what his dad does. "I think it's pretty cool to have a firefighter dad," Logan said.

Logan isn't alone. Dozens of other children celebrated their patriotism Wednesday at Martin County High School at a 9/11 commemorative service.

The tribute honored those who lost their lives and lost loved ones during the 9/11 attacks, and those who continue to serve and protect the community.

Martin County Fire Rescue EMT, Kevin Wiggins, watched the attacks when he was in high school. With family who has served in the military, or as first responders, watching the attacks motivated his career path.

"It confirmed it for me. Just seeing the heroism of those guys going down there, risking their life for someone they don't even know," Wiggins said.

With a 2-year-old son, Wiggins says his son is too young to know about 9/11, but hopes it will impact his future as a possible first responder. "I'd love my son to do it, not my daughter, but my son."

Much like Logan, who says he also wants to follow in his dad's footsteps, "because he saves people's lives."

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