Search continues for Martin Co. sexual predator

Stepped up law enforcement presence


A 9-1-1 call is made Sunday afternoon from Port Salerno, just down the street from Manatee Creek Park. A mother tries to make sense of what her 10 year-old daughter just told her.


"My daughter just came home and told me that a man asked her to find his dog in the woods," the call begins.


Then the sound of a young girls innocence about to be taken away.


"Then she went to help him and he pulled her pants down," the mother continued.


Retired NYPD Detective Al Hickey has worked his share of horrific cases. He knows how hard investigators have been working the past 48 hours to find the suspect.


"Timing is everything. You have to strike first and fast. These cases are the worst because they do hit home and most of us have children," said Hickey.


Hickey suspects the man detectives want, has committed this type of crime before.


"I'm sure this didn't just come about one morning and says hey I want to do this. This is somebody whose had this done or who has done this in the past probably… and he's out there," said Hickey.


Hickey says it takes a special connection to work with kids who have been through so much at a young age.


"Children have been traumatized and they're going to have a hard time giving you information. This is where it takes patience, it takes skill. Listen to the child, let the child speak," said Hickey.


Detectives have yet to release a sketch of the suspect because they are waiting to meet with an adult witness,  who claimed to have seen someone running along the railroad tracks away from the park at the time of the attack.  

The suspect is described as a white male in his 20's with blonde hair in a buzz cut, with some type of cast or brace on one of his hands.


 If you have any information, call the Martin County Sheriff's Office at 772-220-7170.

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