PSL detective created composite sketches for Martin County sexual assault victim

PORT SALERNO, Fla. - Martin County Sheriff's deputies went door-to-door Thursday afternoon, passing out flyers with a composite sketch and information in their search for a man accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl on Sunday.

The Port St. Lucie detective who created the composite sketch, Chris Fulcher, said his law enforcement agency has a partnership and his services are utilized all over the Treasure Coast.

"They understand that we're trying to help them get the correct person," said Fulcher, of his work with crime victims. "I'll have them close their eyes, and not relive the event, but try to see that person in their mind."

Fulcher made two separate sketches for the Martin County Sheriff's Office, because the two eyewitness descriptions were different. Only one was put on the "wanted" flyer.

"We place what they see in their minds, on paper," he explained. "You look at this person starting to build, and you can actually say to yourself, 'Hmm, maybe sometime in the past, I've seen somebody that fit that description or who looks like that'."

Investigators go through a notebook with hundreds of facial feature with victims, to piece together a suspect's face.


"They'll start with the eyes, or the forehead," said Fulcher. "But in most cases, they start with the head."


Martin County Sheriff's officials say public response to the sketches has come pouring in since the composites were released. They are searching for a man who is about 5'9" tall with a slim build, who has short dirty blonde hair. They believe he was wearing a cast or a brace on one hand.


In the meantime, investigators hope someone will recognize one of the composite sketch faces, and that could lead to an arrest.


"It could be one suspect, two different witnesses, and they'll still say, that's it, that's the person," said Fulcher. "But that's their perception of what the person looked like."


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