United Way of Martin County prepares for the heart of hurricane season

United Way looking for volunteers

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - While it looks like we may escape any damage from Dorian, we are heading into the heart of hurricane season. 

Saturday, was an opportunity for volunteers to brush up on their skills in case the next storm does come ashore.

Susan Indilicato is a big volunteer. On Saturday, the Palm City resident tried something new.

"This came up and I said it sounds interesting, I'll give it a try and see what it's all about," said Indilicato.

Indilicato was one of dozens of people who turned up at the headquarters for the United Way of Martin County.
As part of a "mock disaster" training, this group is setting up a volunteer reception center.

If disaster strikes and people want to lend a hand, there's a coordinated effort to get them to where they're most needed.

"And to make sure that we have enough volunteers because there's a possibility that this volunteer center would have to be open 24/7," said Carol Hodnett of the United Way of Martin County.

Susan Indilicato says past experience will help with future volunteer work.

"I remember I was on an aircraft that had kind of a disaster and I have kind of a cool head," said Indilicato.

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