Non-disabled families pay to skip to the front of amusement park lines, report says

Families with disabled members outraged

PALM CITY, Fla.-- Bonnie Peters  shows off pictures of her two grandsons with a picture book from their first trip to Disney World.

She treasures the memories from the trip she says was made less stressful thanks to Disney.

Her two grandsons have autism. Peters says Disney gave them badges that would help them skip ahead in long lines.

"It gave them the opportunity to go on the rides, to have fun, to see everything, and to feel like normal kids for the day," Peters explained.

She says waiting in line can be a tough situation for her boys and for her. "You're dealing with the stress of them having an outburst. You get bad looks from people. They don't understand it's an autism situation," Peters explained.

According to the New York Post, some wealthy mothers in Manhattan have figured out a way to jump the lines at Disney World by hiring the disabled.

According to the report, the physically challenged people pretend they are members of the family who hired them so the entire group can move to the front of the line.

The Post says the "black-market Disney guides" cost about $130 an hour, or $1,040 for an eight-hour day.

Peters says she's outraged to hear some people may be taking advantage of this luxury reserved for the disabled. "The fact that people are taking advantage of this because they have the money and can do it is so insensitive... If you can afford this, go when the park is not busy. We don't have that luxury."

She asks other families to enjoy the ability to wait in line. "I will tell you, if you gave me the opportunity to have nothing wrong with your kids and stand in line for three hours, I'd trade you in a minute," Peters said.

"This is not a way to make money," said Peters.


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