Royal Caribbean cruise line picks up stranded Cubans

PALM CITY, Fla. - Emily Kazdin enjoys going on cruises to relax and get a break from school.

"We stayed and enjoyed the pool deck," said Kazdin.

But Sunday something unusual happened while they were returning from  the Caribbean.  

"I was in my cabin, and I was packing, and I heard yelling outside, so I went outside on the balcony, and I heard people crying for help," said Kazdin.

That's when she shot the video, in which shows two boaters signaling for help, and the crew of the Liberty of the Seas, picking up the stranded passengers. 

Originally, Royal Caribbean said they picked them up. But later issued this statement, saying: The two Cubans did not board the Liberty of the Seas, but were retrieved by a coast guard vessel…"

"I got video of them coming up to the ship and they were taken aboard," said Kazdin.

The Coast Guard said they picked up the two men from the cruise liner and found they have legal status in the U.S. They took them to the border patrol offices in Marathon, where their legal status were confirmed, and they were released.


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