A horse rescue group in Palm City must move in two months

A horse rescue needs its own rescue.  The group must move out in two months because the land owner sold the property.


The Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation has rescued 130 horses since 2000. All of the animals have been abused or neglected.


Recently the group was told they have to move off their current home in Palm City because the owner sold the land. They have two months to find a home.  The group must be gone by April 30.


"It's pushing us into  a situation where we're really at crunch time now," says President Randy Kinder.


The rescue group hopes people will hear their story and help out. They hope to buy a property that's at least five acres so they can continue helping abused horses.


If you'd like to help or want more information you can go to the group's website: www.eraf.org



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