Martin Health System looking into network outage that slowed hospital operations

 MARTIN COUNTY, Fla.-- Martin Health System is looking into what caused some computer hardware to fail Wednesday, leading to network outage in all of the Martin Health System hospitals.

Things were back to normal Friday morning, according to hospital spokesperson, Scott Samples. But since Wednesday night patients say the atmosphere around the hospital was chaotic.

Hospital staff, doctors and nurses access the computer system to read patient charts and medical information. Without it, they were left digging into paper documents.

Samples says this led to some minor inconveniences around the hospitals, where some patients received their meals later than normal. Some outpatient appointments could not be scheduled, and extra nurses and administrative staff were brought in to help with the increased work load.

No medication or treatment was jeopardized.

New patients information was taken down on paper, and put into the system on Friday. Samples says there was a back up computer for data from former patients.

The hospitals that experienced the outage were Martin Medical Center, Martin Hospital South, and Tradition Medical Center.

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