Lbee Jonah Evans, Emil Solomon Porter: 2 suspects apprehended in Martin County pillowcase burglaries

Martin County deputies arrested two men that may be connected with the pillowcase burglaries.

22 year old Lbee Jonah Evans and 21 year old Emil Solomon Porter, both from Homestead, were taken into custody Tuesday evening.

A homeowner was able to give detectives a description of the suspects vehicle.

The homeowner told investigators they saw a man leave their house yesterday in the Canoe Creek neighborhood in Palm City and notified authorities.

The two men were pulled over 20 minutes later.

Detectives are looking for a possible third suspect.

Monday, Port St. Lucie police officers said 11 homes were burglarized on the Treasure Coast.

Detectives said several of those burglaries were consistent with the pillowcase burglaries.

There have been 16 burglaries so far this year.

Authorities have not said if Evans and Porter are connected with any of the previous burglaries.

In the meantime, the sheriff's office continues to hold town hall meetings regarding the pillowcase burglaries.

The next one is Tuesday, April 30th at The Pine School.

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