Martin County Commissioners vote against bringing a mooring field to the Jensen Beach Causeway

Martin County Commissioners decided Tuesday to cancel all plans of continuing discussions on a mooring field at the Jensen Beach Causeway.

This comes after months of discussions on how to clean up the area. Some nearby residents and business owners complain that the area has become an eyesore, with abandoned, run-down boats, a source of pollution, and a problem for sea grass after boats drop their anchors.

Supporters of the mooring field said it would prevent the need for anchors and encourage a cleaner atmosphere.

The county already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in research to determine if that was a proper location for a mooring field.

After a 3-2 vote against the mooring field, commissioners decided to do away with the idea. Some residents spoke out against the location, telling commissioners to take the field elsewhere.

A grant would have been used for the construction of it.

Resident Leann Slafter worried it would cost the county too much money to maintain. 

"I don't think we need anymore marinas or anymore docks. There's a punch of empty spaces. You just drive up and down any water way and you'll see empty spaces everywhere," said Slafter.

Ron Rose, Executive Director of the Martin County Chamber of Commerce, said the field would have attracted business to downtown and been the perfect project to clean up the area. He's disappointed the commissioners dropped it. 

"I don't want to see the project completely killed. I would like to see some solution to the problem so we don't have to live with this eye sore for more decades than we've already had to live with," said Rose.

Supporters said it would have given the county more power to enforce proper waste dumping. Right now, those that do not dispose of their waste properly are only punished if authorities catch them in the act.

Commissioners did not discuss any alternative plans to clean up the area.

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