Last-minute holiday gift-buying assisted by extended holiday mall hours

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Macy's employee Grace Eligon is a gift-wrapping expert.

"Shoulders are starting to get tired," she laughed, with a shrug. "We've been wrapping all day."

Eligon has stayed busy with the store open at all hours, and now, for the entire weekend, they will be open on-stop until December 23rd. 

"Oh yes, we have to keep taking our vitamins," she joked.

Then, store employees will be back for another round on Christmas Eve.

Eligon has seen many late-night customers who are Christmas shopping.

"They work during the day, and they really don't want to take a day off from work to come and do their shopping," she explained. "So they kind of like this 65-hour thing that we're doing this year."

Amanda Petrosyans, a Port St. Lucie resident who came to the Treasure Coast Square Mall in Jensen Beach, admits she is down to the wire to buy gifts.

"It's just been a really busy week, and the only time is really the weekend," said Petrosyans. "Most of us don't really have the time to come out here until nighttime."

And when she comes, Eligon will be ready, with a matter-of-fact business philosophy.

"The longer you keep open, the more you sell," said Eligon.

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