Hayes Gourmet Bakery is the latest business to close on the Treasure Coast

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Several businesses along the Treasure Coast have shut down in the last couple of months because of slow business.

Hayes Gourmet Bakery will close their doors on Sunday.

With a packed dining room, customers enjoy their last meal at Hayes Gourmet.

Kathryn Wessbecher and her mother, Mary Ellen, have been coming to the restaurant for over a year.

Wessbecher said, "We're very sad. This has been our place to come Sunday mornings for a long time."

The Wessbecher's said they loved everything about the family owned business including their notable pastries.

"It's such a great atmosphere, comfortable place to come, Jim is a great baker, food is always delicious and his staff is very friendly and accommodating and can't do enough for their customers."

The neighborhood corner café along Jensen Beach Blvd. will lock up Sunday.

Owner Jim Hayes said business has been slow and inflation of bakery products has made it tough.

"We've tried to keep our prices low but in doing so, we kind of hurt ourselves, with the prices of produce and everything going up, we haven't been able to increase our prices to make up for it."

Mckenna West, a cashier, is losing her first job.

"Well Jim texted me that Sunday was going to be our last day on Friday and I was really upset."

The Jensen Beach High school student says she's going to miss working here on the weekends.

"I'm devastated. I'm gonna miss the people so much. We have regulars and I've just become so close with them and the family and it's just not gonna be the same."

Hayes will continue to cater and take orders through Facebook.

I'm not packing up, not leaving town, I'll still be around and everything. We're here with the kids and everything, so we're here."

Where he hopes to re-establish another bakery one day.

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