Gloomy forecast of rain, wind puts damper on Pineapple Festival in Jensen Beach

Festival organizers hope stormy forecast clears

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. -- - A wet and windy Friday forecast put a damper on big events for the weekend like the Pineapple Festival in Jensen Beach.

Puddles were scattered all over the streets of the Treasure Coast fair as the wind whipped the flags flying high above the rides and booths.

"Yeah, a little windier this year, you know the rain is holding off," said David Book who was attending the festival with his wife and grandson.

The rain drops stopped long enough for Book and his grandson Damien to hit a huge slide for a ride.

There were not any lines as it appeared the gloomy weather impacted foot traffic at the Pineapple Festival.
"I like that it's not so crowded," said Book. "So for us it's not too bad."

Pineapple Festival is considered the signature event for Jensen Beach. Organizers did not seemed phased by the weather.

"I can't control the weather, so I don't think about it," said Ron Rose, a Pineapple Festival organizer.

Rose, who created the event 26 years ago, said he is counting on the poor weather conditions to clear up by the time the gates open each day. If they do not, Rose said he still predicts the festival will have success.

"We live in Florida, you know? Rain is going to happen," said Rose.

Pineapple Festival runs through the weekend. Gates open at noon.

General admission is $20 and kids 12 and under are free.

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