Dengue fever advisory lifted for Rio, Jensen Beach areas

With the decline in mosquito breeding and no new cases in nearly 3 months, the advisory for dengue fever has been lifted.

Jensen Beach and Rio were the hotspots for the disease, which infected at least 22 people.

Marty Baum won't soon forget that night in September when he was watching football. "9 o'clock I'm fine.  10 o'clock I have a 102-degree fever."

He and his girlfriend suddenly both wrapped up in comforters… and were scared. "I'm shaking so bad I can't control it, I'm sweating so bad that I'm soaked in the bed."

It turned out that the couple had dengue fever, a mosquito borne disease. "I was just a total wreck.  I could hardly function."

Back in September, the Florida Department of Health spent 10 days going door to door throughout Rio and Jensen Beach, giving out information and collecting about 400 blood samples for analysis.

22 cases of dengue were confirmed with test results still pending for about another 40 samples.

County mosquito control crews were also out in force, looking for mosquito larvae in standing water.

As for Marty Baum, he's fine now, and is extra vigilant when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. "They call it the bone breaker fever and they're pretty much right.  I don't ever want this stuff again."

The test results for the other samples should be back in January. 

Now while these cooler and drier conditions have reduced the risk for dengue, health officials advise it hasn't been eliminated.  They are still reminding residents to drain standing water and use repellent when out at night.


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