Bees swarm Jensen Beach Beacon 21 community

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Some homeowners in Jensen Beach say they have some unwanted pests swarming their homes.

Residents at the Beacon 21 senior community say hundreds of bees have been swarming one of the properties for months.

Resident Joanne Lopez says she's contacted the housing development's president and had a hard time getting the bee problem resolved.

As a result, she says she's dealing with bees inside her home, in her kitchen, swarming her lights outside and also keeping her up at night.

"The sound is so loud in the bedroom that it sounds like someone is cooking something very hot on a frying pan. All you hear is ssssss. I'm totally afraid because I don't know if I'm sleeping if I'm going to get bit," said Lopez.

She said this isn't the first time there has been a bee problem on the property.

They're not sure what is attracting them to the area but say something needs to be done about the problem.

The HOA president said he has arranged for a contractor to spray the area and, if need be, open the wall up to remove a hive if one is found.

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