Bargain shoppers seek half-price sales after Christmas and other holidays

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. -- Terrie Welz says she's a savvy shopper.

"I always buy everything after Christmas," she said. "Wrapping paper, Christmas cards."

She said Christmas comes at the same time every year, so she buys holiday items on sale and stores them.

"I never pay the full price for anything," said Welz. "Bows, the whole nine yards."

Brian Phoenix and his wife, Heidi, say waiting to buy holiday merchandise until the day after Christmas saves them hundreds of dollars.

"We're cheap shoppers," laughed Brian.

"I know they have a bunch of sales on clothes, and they have the little dollar section - that's nice," said Heidi. "It's 50% off, so you can get stuff for 50 cents."

Brian said for them, bargain hunting has become a tradition.

"Day after Halloween, day after Thanksgiving, pretty much all the holidays. We'll probably be out on day after New Year's," he said.

Welz said after-holiday shopping is an investment of time that ends up saving a lot of money.

"Why pay full price for something when you don't have to?" she asked.

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