Honor Flight still scheduled for next week, 5K race will help vets take flight on future trips

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - 89-year-old Ed Klein of Jensen Beach took part in 17 major engagements during World War II, from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay.

Klein recently got to see the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, courtesy of Honor Flight of Southeast Florida.

He showed off a picture giving Elizabeth Dole a smooch.

"It was the most exciting event.  Proudest exposure I ever had in my lifetime," said Klein.

Another group of local veterans is scheduled to fly next weekend.  As of now, it's still scheduled to go, despite the government shutdown.

The uncertainty got Stuart businessman Alex Beringer thinking.

"Partisan politics aside, this group shouldn't be affected by any of this," said Beringer.

His company, FairWind Air Charter, is being hampered by the shutdown.

They can't get approvals to fly new routes.

"We've purchased a new aircraft for one of our clients who is going through certification.  We're literally stopped, we can't do anything until the FAA gets back to work," said Beringer.

In the meantime, Beringer is organizing a 5K road race for the weekend of the Stuart Air Show with the proceeds going to Honor Flight.

Veterans like Ed Klein know that no amount of Washington paralysis will stop the vets from seeing their piece of history.

"They put up a barrier at the memorial. It's like putting up a piece of tissue paper at the raceway," he said smiling.

If you'd like to register for the race which will be held November 1st on the runway at Witham Field, click here.

bitly link: http://bit.ly/GLZYq6

To contact your local representatives to keep the DC memorials open, click here

bitly link: http://bit.ly/GM03KG

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