Sgt. James Warren will face no criminal charges for shooting Richard Haston

Grand jury makes decision

HOBE SOUND, Fla.-- The Martin County Sheriff's Deputy who shot and killed a Hobe Sound man will face no criminal charges.

A grand jury decided Wednesday that there was not enough evidence to prove that Sgt. James Warren did not act in self- defense.

Warren said he feared Richard Haston was trying to run him over with his truck outside of Scooters after the two had an altercation.

He fired two fatal shots.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder supports the grand jury's decision. "My feeling has been since that night that the deputy was in fear for his life, and that the grand jury would take a look at it and come to that same conclusion," said Snyder.
Haston's cousin, Ricardo Weaver, feels differently. "The family remains in a place of deep grief and today's news does not lighten that load," Weaver said.

Weaver said Haston was known to have a violent background, but had no weapons when he was killed. He wants questions answered. "Why were no other officers called? Why was he there alone knowing the history of Richard?"

Weaver said he'd be willing to accept that Haston was in the wrong, if someone could prove it. "We just want it to be very clear that Officer Warren was in the right, Richard was in the wrong, and if so we have to swallow that pill."

Weaver hopes to clear the gray area of uncertainty for his family.

The Haston family has filed a lawsuit against the Martin County Sheriff's Office. It is currently in a six-month mandatory waiting period before any progress can be made on it. Further action may be taken in December,

Sgt. Warren is back at work. Weaver says he will continue to lead prayer walks to keep Haston's name alive and well in the community.

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