Dengue Fever update: Martin County residents are learning preventative measures

As Martin County Health officials continue to knock on doors and test blood samples for Dengue Fever, residents are learning how to take preventative measures from catching the disease.

Rachel Heid of Rio, was one of 18 who caught the disease more than a month ago.

Heid said, "I got sick at the very beginning before we knew what it was and I thought it was just the flu."  But her symptoms turned out to be much worse than that.

"I had a 105 fever, headache, slightly nauseous and extremely, extremely tired was the biggest thing," said Heid.

She now has to see a doctor every 3 weeks until November. And now that she's remodeling her home, she has to be outside more often, so protection is needed.

Heid fogs her yard every other morning and sprays herself down with bug spray at least three times a day.

It's not just Heid whose cautious, so are her neighbors.  There have been at least five cases of Dengue Fever reported on Glass Drive.  Heid said no one sits outside anymore.

Martin County Health Department workers will continue to knock on doors, conduct surveys and take blood samples until Thursday.

Now that Heid is a carrier of Dengue Fever, she can't get sick from the same strand again, but it could be fatal if she's bit by a mosquito carrying one of the other three strands.

Health Department authorities said they'll compile a report of how many people have so far consented to the test and survey and release the info within the next couple of days.

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