Businesses filling in on Indian Street as Veteran's Memorial Bridge nears completion

STUART, Fla. -- There's one similar sentiment amongst Indian Street business owners.

"Finally," said Scott Sundermeier, owner of Longneck Brew House in Stuart.

The Veteran's Memorial Bridge at the end of the street is finally wrapping up construction.

Joe Derosa opened Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant ten years ago. "I was told the bridge was going to open in 2 years. That was in 2004," Derosa said.

He was hoping back then that the bridge would bring him business from Palm City.

Now, others are catching on to his plan. "They're starting to fill up now. Everyone's building around me all of a sudden," Derosa said.

Mirka Stocks and her husband opened District a few doors down from Giuseppe's nine months ago. They thought it would open in April.

"We heard the bridge was opening so it sounded like a really convenient, good location," Stocks said.

Sundermeier also opened the Longneck Brew House this year. "We decided that the future of the bridge would be very beneficial to our business," Sundermeier said.

Sundermeier says just this year alone, there were 6 to 7 store vacancies near his store. Now, he says there is only 1 or 2, as the bridge nears competition.

"It's going to be just a really easy drive to get here," Stocks said.

Now, business owners just hope there aren't any more delays or setbacks to make them wait any longer.

The bridge could open as soon as Dec.16. Project officials say it should open no later than Christmas Eve.

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