Andrea Parsons, Chester Duane Price case: Tips continue on whereabouts of missing Martin girl

Long after 10-year-old Andrea Gail Parsons disappeared from her Port Salerno neighborhood July 11, 1993, authorities continue to get tips in the case.

According to reports sifted from 22,555 pages of evidence in the Parsons case, some of the leads came from well-meaning people who thought they might have seen Andrea. Others seemed to be crackpots.

On March 3, 2003, authorities received a hand-written, unsigned confession that began, "I am responsible for the death of the Parson (sic) girl. I can't remember the year. Either 93 or 94."

The writer claimed to have kidnapped Andrea in front of a Port Salerno grocery and pushed the girl, who hit her head on the car door and died.

"I rowed out past the inlet and dumped her body," the writer stated.

The writer also claimed to have "killed a Guatemalan male" and decapitated three people besides being responsible for sending anthrax to news media after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Other tips include:

--A phone call from Jensen Beach woman who got lost in the woods and took a photo of "a possible grave" hidden with twigs.

--A June 14, 2007, letter from an inmate at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institute in Wilton, Fla., claiming, "that little girl you been looking for is not bury'ed (sic) in Florida. The little girl has found in a nouther (sic) state ... in an unmarked grave 1,000 miles away from home."

--A handwritten, anonymous note stating, "I saw two ... men who are involved in a ring of prostitution using another kid to get the Parson (sic) girl of 10 into (a) car and sped away. ... She is under ground somewhere in Vero (Beach), possibly in a wooded area between Port Salerno and Vero Beach."

--Sightings reported through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children placing Andrea at the Virginia State Fair in Richmond, Va., in October 2003; working as a dancer in a lounge in Jacksonville in January 2003; shopping at a grocery store in Fort Myers in October 2003; and getting into a white RV emblazoned with "Cruise America, Go RVing" at a Kmart store parking lot in Crofton, Md., in October 2003.

Andrea's body has not been found.

Chester Duane Price, 42, is in the Martin County Jail awaiting trial on charges of kidnapping and murder. He alleges Claude Davis hit Andrea with a wrench or tire tool and killed her.

Davis, now 76, was arrested for false imprisonment in the case in November 1993; but the case was dismissed in 1994 after Davis invoked his right to a speedy trial and prosecutors lacked physical evidence to go forward with the case. He cannot be charged again in connection with the case.

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