Kaitlyn Hunt underage sex case update: Some say they agree with the judge's decision to revoke bond

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Word spread quickly Tuesday in Indian River County that a judge revoked Kaitlyn Hunt's bond.

Some supporters say they felt sorry for Kate in the beginning, but don't have sympathy for her now that she allegedly violated her pretrial conditions and reached out to the victim.

"To me it just sounds like she is flipping off the judge," Kathy Merrick said.

Merrick is a retired Indian River County high school teacher and sat through the hearing.

She doesn't know Hunt or the victim, but was curious about the hearing and decided to come and listen.

"She just looks so young and frail and crying. As a mother, you just feel sorry and as a teacher I've seen situations where students get into situations they shouldn't get into," Merrick said.

Merrick says early on she supported Kate, but in light of the allegations that she repeatedly reached out to the victim, she says her opinion has changed.

"She doesn't have any regard for the judge or the system and she is going to learn the hard way unfortunately that you have to obey the law,": Merrick said.

But, still, tens of thousands of people support Hunt on Facebook.

Her friends close to home are also standing by her.

"This is all a waste of money. She is not some old person who was out doing something horribly wrong. This was consensual," Janene Holland who identifies herself as a friend of the family said.

Hunt's father did not comment after court and her parents have not commented on her Free Kait support page since the judge's decisoin.

An administrator posted that all posts on the growing Facebook page were being suspended.

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