Vero Beach Mayor Craig Fletcher: Alleged death threat to mayor caught on police dispatch audio

Mayor says his family is worried

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Words captured on a police dispatch audio recording speak of a death threat to a Treasure Coast mayor.

"I'm willing to drive two miles over and kill the mayor, sitting there, sitting in Vero Beach," a voice is heard speaking on a dispatch audio recording.

Jason Kozdra of Vero Beach is accused of making the threat earlier this month, while on the phone with Vero Beach Police dispatch.
Craig Fletcher, city mayor, said he's been sleeping with a gun near his bed for the first time since he was in the military.

"Death threats are over the edge," said Fletcher. "You have to live in fear every time you walk out the door of your house? There's some major problem there."

Kozdra initially called police dispatch looking for Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey. When he couldn't reach the chief, that's when the threats allegedly started.

Dispatch offered to let Kozdra speak with an officer. During the recording, you can hear him begin to backpedal. "I withdraw anything I have said about killing the mayor of Vero Beach."

Police Chief David Currey said investigators tracked Kozdra down at his home after the call.

"When anyone makes a threat like that, especially in today's world, we take it seriously," said Currey.

Kozdra was arrested for intoxication while under probation.

Police are stepping up patrols around the mayor's neighborhood.

Kozdra's wife, Karen, admitted he has a drinking problem.

"He speaks irrationally when he's been drinking," she said. "I don't believe he meant what they think he said."

Kozdra will be released from the Indian River County Jail on May 11th.

Fletcher, in the meantime, is trying to get back to business as usual.

"We can't let people like this keep us from doing our jobs," said Fletcher.


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