Patricia Danna-Harrison update: Investigation turns to phone, bank records to find missing woman

SEBASTIAN — Police investigators are subpoenaing cellphone and bank records in their search for a 67-year-old Sebastian woman who mysteriously vanished from her home the night of Dec. 19 and hasn't been seen since.

All of Patricia Danna-Harrison's personal possessions were found in her home on Carnation Drive, where on Dec. 29 her 49-year-old live-in son committed suicide, police said. Alfred Geary didn't leave behind a note explaining why he shot himself, according to police.

That shooting was the day police were to question him again about his mother. He had taken a lie-detector test, the results of which police haven't released.

"So far we have nothing solid to say" about what happened to Danna-Harrison, said Police Detective Todd Finnegan. In addition to phone and bank records, police are examining her car and Geary's pickup.

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