Kaitlyn Hunt teen-sex case: Prosecutors offer Hunt new pre-trial plea deal

Prosecutors are offering Kaitlyn Hunt a new pre-trial plea deal in her teen-sex case.

Hunt was 18 years old when she had sex with a 14-year-old girlfriend. It is an felony offense and Hunt could be sentenced to jail if convicted. In Florida it is a felony crime for anyone 18 year old or older to have sex with a person 15 years old or younger, even it was consensual.

According to an Aug. 9 memo sent by Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman to Hunt's defense team, the terms of the new plea deal would include:

• Two counts of misdemeanor battery.

• One count of interference in child custody, a felony that prosecutors say Hunt could petition to have expunged  from her record after successfully completing her sentence.

• Curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. for the first year of probation.

• 150 community service hours.

• Probation could be transferred to any other state that would accept supervision.

• No jail or prison time.

• No sex offender charges.

• No sex offender registration.

• No community control, or state supervision.

Workman said he has not yet received a reply from Hunt's defense team.

Hunt's defense attorney, Julia Graves, declined to comment on the proposed plea deal.

Hunt is in court Wednesday to ask Circuit Judge Robert Pegg to meet with three witnesses before the trial: a friend of Hunt, an Indian River County sheriff's deputy and a student who attended Sebastian River High School with Hunt and the alleged victim.

Hunt's case was scheduled for trial in September, but at the beginning of August Circuit Judge Robert Pegg canceled that because of scheduling conflicts with sentencing in a separate first-degree murder case.

Meanwhile pretrial preparations continue including questioning of witnesses who may be called to testify during the trial. Hunt has pleaded not guilty and is asking for a jury trial.

Hunt's next court appearance, during which a trial date could be set, is now Sept. 26. It originally was set for Aug. 22, but Pegg decided to postpone. Attorneys on both sides still have witnesses to question.

PHOTOS: Kaitlyn Hunt in court (http://bit.ly/11gvPGk)

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