Indian River County GameStop robbery update: Arrests of 4 in Georgia might be connected

Deputies are investigating whether four suspects arrested in Georgia Wednesday night are connected to Tuesday's robbery at the GameStop in Indian River County.

At 9:10 Wednesday night, four suspects were arrested and are in custody in Camden County, Ga., based on robbery charges from Brevard County.

The vehicle they were in were stopped by Georgia authorities, a white Dodge Durango, fits the description of a vehicle seen on surveillance video from a store near the GameStop on State Road 60 in Indian River County Tuesday, according to a press release from the Indian River County Sheriff's Office.

Indian River County detectives are coordinating with Brevard County and Georgia investigators to determine the connection to the GameStop robbery.

A video game store employee was robbed and bound in the back office of the store as customers walked in, unaware that a crime was happening at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, the Indian River County Sheriff's Office said.

The two men, armed with either a rifle or a shotgun, tied up the employee in an office at the rear of the video game store, the Sheriff's Office said.

After he was bound, at least two customers walked into GameStop, the Sheriff's Office said. The customers told investigators that nothing appeared to be amiss. One of the suspects walked out of the store carrying a large box and told the customers that someone would be able to help them shortly, the customers told deputies.

Two minutes later, the employee freed himself and told the customers he had been robbed, the Sheriff's Office said. He was not seriously injured but was emotionally shaken by the crime, Sheriff's spokesman Thom Raulen said.

The men attempted to destroy some surveillance equipment before they left GameStop. The Sheriff's Office retrieved the device for evidence, Raulen said.

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