Duane Lanning: Indian River County deputy resigns after harassment complaints

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - An Indian River County sheriff's deputy has resigned following an investigation into harassment complaints made by his girlfriend's husband. 

The couple are currently going through a divorce.

The former deputy, Duane Lanning, said he resigned but does not think he was in the wrong.

"It was definitely one sided. They didn't interview anybody who knows me personally," said Lanning.

Lanning's girlfriend's husband accused Lanning of harassing him on numerous occasions.  During one traffic stop in July, the husband claimed he was not given an explanation as to why he was pulled over.

"He was speeding and his tag was expired by about three months," Lanning said.

A dash camera video captured the traffic stop.

"You can see my demeanor in the video. I wasn't threatening. I wasn't intimidating him," said Lanning.

Lanning said he was assigned to patrol the area near his girlfriend's husband's home.

The investigation also accused Lanning of using his personal cellphone excessively while working.

But he says he resigned during the investigation due to an unrelated issue.

Lanning wrecked his patrol car on duty when he hydroplaned during inclement weather more than a year ago.

His dash camera video recorded the wreck. Lanning said he later recorded a copy of the wreck video on his cellphone for personal use, not knowing that violated a policy.

"I did not know that was a group three offense which was fireable," said Lanning.

Lanning said investigators learned he had a copy of the video during the harassment investigation. He says his attorney told him he could be fired for having the video.

Lanning said he resigned knowing that having the video could lead him to be fired, and lose his certification to serve as a law enforcement officer.

"The smartest thing to do was just to walk away from everything," Lanning said.

Lanning said he is pursuing starting his own business. He has also been awarded lifesaving awards during his time in law enforcement.

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