Why aren't spring breakers flocking to local beaches?

Palm Beaches, Treasure Coast not among top picks

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast have all the makings of the ideal spring break vacation. But there seems to be something missing - spring breakers.

Most spring breakers are not spending their dollars here and that may actually be how local tourism officials want it.

"Right now the baby boom generation is still dominating the funds here," said Steve Bea, who has spent spring break in multiple places but not in Palm Beach County or the Treasure Coast.

Officials from the Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau admit, that they do not aggressively market to college spring breakers. Instead, they say, they gear their advertising and their product to a different demographic, which skews a bit older and can be more profitable in the end.

Florida as a whole is still spring break vacation spot number one. Website Fly.com has the Sunshine State at the top of the list for a mid-term getaway.

Some college kids say they wish they were enticed to come to this area bit more.

"Let's go down to Palm Beach County and start Spring Break," said Brant Bloom. "If everybody did that year after year, then it would be a good spot," he said. "Any way you can get a dollar, any way you can make some good legitimate business, I think it's a great idea."     

Preliminary numbers form Visit Florida show an uptick in tourism spending. Visitors to the state spent a record $71.8 billion here last year, which is an increase of  nearly 7 percent over 2011.

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