Youth empowerment centers funding cut

West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach stand to lose a combined hundred twenty-thousand dollars if Palm Beach County commissioners follow through on this week's budget vote and decide not to cover potential funding gaps in next year's budget.

In an email obtained by NewsChannel 5 -- county administrator Bob Weisman asked commissioners to cut off the funding -- because the cities hadn't paid their share of the county Inspector General.

"Our youth empowerment center serves kids in the most challenged areas of our cities. It's made a huge impact in the lives of young people. And, for the county to cut that money out for a frivolous reason is, I think, unconscionable," West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio said.

Empowerment centers offer computer training, mentoring programs and SAT prep for at-risk children.

A final vote on the budget has been scheduled for September 23rd.

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