West Palm Beach Greenmarket to close this weekend, open back up in October.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Rasheed Shihada has been selling olive oil at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket for the past 6 years.

"It's alot of fun, I get to spend my whole day talking about food and I get to teach people," said Shihada.

So when he received this email last week, that the city decided to suspend the summer GreenMarket until the fall, he was disappointed.

"Shocked honestly, just shocked, I was like why, I was making money, why are we stopping and we were all doing very well," said Shihada.

West Palm Beach city officials told vendors the market ends this weekend despite the original year-round plan. The heat, rain, and small turnout changed their mind.

"We love it here in South Florida, but this heat, it's tough on a outdoor market," said Mary Pinak.

But not all local markets are struggling to survive in the summer heat.

"It's been very, very successful our vendors are happy, our customers are happy and it's been a win win for both of us," said Laura Schuppert.

Schuppert is one of the organizers for the Palm Beach Gardens GreenMarket. She says the reason why her market is thriving is because they hold the festival inside of a breezeway at STORE self storage.

"People are here in the summer and still want their produce, cheese, they want their crab, so yeah, you still have people here year round," said Laura Schuppert.

 Shihada says he and other local vendors depend on the GreenMarkets, because they do not own actual stores.

"It's definitely going to hurt some folks, its their livelihood,they're not weekend warriors this is what they do for a living and pay their bills," said Schuppert.

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