West Palm Beach residents fly American flags upside down in protest of Obama's gun policies

Cory Seale was the first in his neighborhood to flip his flag upside down.

"One neighbor saw my flag. He yelled across the neighborhood like hey, why are you disgracing the flag like that?"

Seale says lots of people see it the way his neighbor did and didn't want us to use his street name for fear of retaliation.
He argues the upside down flag has roots as a sign of distress - and his angry neighbor eventually took his side and joined him.

Four others did too.

"We care deeply about the future of the country, and we have solidarity with our fellow neighbors," said neighbor David Dennis.
"It is a verbal, non-violent form of protest," said Seale.

Even without wind, the five flags are unmistakably upside down.

Their anger is over the president's health care law as well as his effort to ban assault weapons and limit high-capacity magazines.

Though the president and his supporters in Congress argue no one's coming for anyone's guns, and polls like this one show a majority of Americans support the president's gun control plan, Seale argues the president's plan is just the first step.

"It's instilling a taboo, that guns are taboo. And that alone is a huge problem," said Seale.

But Seale didn't put the flags up without considering our veterans.  

He's one too, serving eight years in the coast guard and Army - including a tour in Iraq.

"I can respect that they died for the flag right-side-up. Doing this is a symbol, a visual symbol to bring people over to me so I can try to explain to them how I feel," said Seale.

He says the flags will hang this way until the president's term is up.

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