West Palm Beach police make 5 arrests in 'gang-related' shooting

Suspects arrested at home of former PBC commission

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - West Palm Beach police call it a 'massive response' to alleged gang-related crime in the city.

Five men have been arrested as of Friday evening in connection with the shooting of 12 year old boy on Sunday morning.

Investigators say the child was caught in a gang crossfire. More arrests in connection to the incident could be on the way, according to the police chief.

In handcuffs, the men were transported to the Palm Beach County Jail. "I'm innocent - totally," said Javon Jackson, one of five men arrested and charged with Attempted 2nd Degree Murder.

Four of the five suspects appeared before a judge on Saturday morning and were denied bond.

The young male victim was shot in the neck while riding his bicycle on Congress Avenue on Sunday. He is now recovering at home from his injuries.

"He's suffering from a serious, nearly-fatal gunshot wound," said West Palm Beach Police Chief Vince Demasi.

Chief Demasi held a news conference Friday to discuss a break in the case. Police scoured the home of a former Palm Beach County Commissioner for hours Friday.

"We had recovered numerous guns, drugs and money from the residence on Clear Lake." But Demasi said former Commissioner Maude Ford Lee is not even in the state of Florida, that she renting the property to someone else, and that she is in no way connected to this case.

"She's not involved in this in any way, shape or form," said Demasi. "It could happen to anybody."

Investigators say the suspects are part of a gang operating out of Riviera Beach under the names 'Firehouse Clique' or 'The Juicy Boys'. Arrested were James Randall, Jr., Dashiell McGrady, Corwin Fobbs, Demarious Verdell and Javon Jackson.

The evidence from the home in West Palm Beach was taken to police headquarters. The men accused were booked at the county jail Friday night.

"If it occurs in our city, we are coming after you as hard as we can and with everything we have," said Demasi.

Maude Ford Lee could not be reached for comment on the alleged criminal activity happening in a home she owns.

Police plan to ask prosecutors to add federal felony charges to the state charges these men will already be facing.


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