West Palm Beach police help prostitutes, addicts help themselves

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Months after taking prostitutes off the streets and immersing them into shelters rather jails the West Palm Beach Police department says its new program is working.

Officers gathered outside of Boynton Beach's Faith Farm where they announced they've saved several lives as a result of the effort.

One of the women, who's recovering, says when she was arrested five months ago she never imagined getting off of the streets and off drugs.

Now she says because of the helping hand, instead of being in jail, she's working and ready to contribute to society.
"I do want to change and I'm willing to do that and it's hard, it's hard. It's a hard thing but you know you got to change your whole environment the whole thing. Everything you think that was right, no?" said recovering addict Christina Martell.
West Palm Beach police estimate recovery programs save taxpayer dollars compared to addicts revolving in and out of jails.

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