Unemployment benefits to expire for more than a millions Americans

5,700 unemployed Floridians to lose benefits

West Palm Beach - It may be Friday, but not everyone is excited for the weekend.

"I have about 7 cents in my wallet," said Barbara Snetiker, who filed an unemployment claim after being laid off in October. She hasn't received an unemployment check in almost nine weeks and fears she will be evicted from her apartment.

'If I don't come up with my back rent he wants me out this weekend," said Snetiker.

Barbara won't be affected by the EUC benefit loss just yet. But statewide, Florida will be cutting back its unemployment payment from nineteen weeks to sixteen weeks.

Barbara fears it will leave her without a way to support herself. Barbara says the unemployment office keeps her on hold for hours.

"He went on to tell me that the state is about 8 weeks behind on unemployment claims," said Snetiker.

During our interview, Barbara's unemployment check finally came through. At least for now, she will have a roof over her head and some piece of mind.

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