Travelers at PBIA looking to go home, some even driving up north

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Susan Saltzman's vacation in West Palm Beach was supposed to end Monday morning.

"They couldn't get us home yesterday, so we tried again today, and our flight to Detroit was canceled because of the weather so now we cant get out until tomorrow," said Saltzman.

And for every extra day she and her daughter stay in Florida, they have to rent a car.

"Its crazy, we're just going with the flow," said Saltzman.

Saltzman has rented from 3 different companies in the past 3 days. And she's worried she may be renting another one tonight.

"We returned the car early, and Avis just grabbed us for a car, so now were renting from them. This is now our 3rd car," said Saltzman.

Car rental companies have been doing big business the past few days.

"The roads are completely covered with rental cars," said Shannon Dengelis.

Susan's not alone. Stranded travelers like Shannon Dengelis are still seeing delays and cancelations all over the status boards.

"We weren't able to catch a flight until Wednesday and that was just a possibility," said Dengelis.

Her flight to New York has been delayed several times. She says if she can't find one tonight, she's going to come up with a plan "B."

"I would definitely either catch a flight somewhere closer to Jersey, then take a rental car back," said Degelis.

And as for Susan Saltzman, and her daughter, they plan to roam around one more day in West Palm Beach.

Renting the car, everyone's just been fabulous, its just been an interesting experience, its just crazy, craziness," said Saltzman.

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