Touched by tragedy: Sandy Hook report raises questions, emotions

Floridians with CT connections relive tragedy

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A new report has been released on the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre reveals the gunman, Adam Lanza, was obsessed with the Columbine High School shootings in 1999. The report says the motive of the 20-year old gunman may never be answered conclusively

Those unknowns cut deep for those with personal connections to Newtown. For those people, emotional wounds are being re-opened once again. Seeing this new report only raises more questions and brings more emotions about that December day - almost one year ago.

"Distance just almost makes things harder," said Karryn Bigelow, who grew up just minutes from Sandy Hook elementary and now calls West Palm Beach home. "I think we'll always have questions," she said. "You always want to know everything about something like this."

On Monday, the nation did learn more from in the released 48 page report. Investigators say Lanza was not taking prescribed medications or going to recommended therapy for his severe mental issues. Documents show he also wrote a violent book when he was in fifth grade in which a character shoots his mother in the head.

On December 14, 2012, Lanza shot and killed his mother at home and then killed twenty first graders and six staffers at Sandy Hook before turning the gun on himself. Even with this report, crucial questions about a motive remain.

"I don't think I need to know," said Bigelow. "I just wish so badly that justice could have been served on him." With each revelation about this horrific case, Bigelow says emotional wounds are ripped back open. "How can a country truly heal when this kind of murder still goes on?," she asked.

Monday's 48 page report is only a summary of a 10,000 page document set to be released soon.

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