Tiger Woods return fires up businesses in anticipation to Honda Classic

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - PGA Resort is in a flurry of preparation for the Honda Classic, as are local businesses, with news that Tiger Woods will be returning for the 2013 tournament.

Last year, organizers say attendance was up thirty percent over precious years, much of the change fueled by the appearance of Tiger Woods.

At Rocco's Tacos on PGA Boulevard, server Marlette Grant says the huge crowds from the PGA

"The Honda Classic was crazy last year, I remember there was no parking for any of the employees. We had to park a mile away," she said.

The crowds from the tournament fired up business and anticipation is now starting to sizzle.  

"Hopefully good tips, hopefully longer hours," she said.

Last year's business was similar to that of the holiday Cinco de Mayo says manager Brian Perry.

"We have to par up, make sure that we have all the supplies on hand for everyone here," he said.

The tournament means the restaurant is preparing for more business.

"The kitchen is ready to handle this, the bar staff is ready to handle this," he said.

The wait times were long at the restaurant last year.

"Two and a half was the longest. That's when we stopped taking names actually cause we ran out of pagers to give them," Grant laughed.

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