The South Florida Water Management District will hold its annual 'Ready Freddy' Hurricane drill

District will test the drainage systems

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - With hurricane season around the corner, the South Florida Water Management District is preparing with an annual drill today. 

Flooding is one of the issues the water district will look at during the 'Ready Freddy' hurricane drill. 
Last year, streets turned into rivers in Wellington as hurricane Isaac passed through. That's because smaller water districts are only permitted to drain so much per minute before they impact other drainage systems. 
During this exercise, the district will test new software to make sure they meet certain standards.
Authorities can check the drains for flooding issues, power outages, and fuel supply. 
Workers will be briefed before the hurricane drill begins. Then they'll be given assignments that simulate real hurricane issues. 
Veronica Anderson, with the SFWMD said, "Loss of communication, loss of power, we may have some field shortages, we have flooding throughout the agency. This may also impact our employees and how do we operate on a day to day basis with limited employees." 
After Isaac, the district created the high water strike mark team. They're responsible for going out and tracking where the district has high water marks in the county. 
The drill will cover all 16 counties the district services. 
The drill starts at 10 a.m.