The Palm Beach County Commission will decide what to do with the Mizner Trail Golf Course

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Mizner Trail Golf Course is so overgrown some neighbors have nicknamed it "The Serengeti."

The Palm Beach County Commission will vote on Thursday whether to allow a developer to buy the land and build almost 300 new homes.

The golf course hasn't been used for nearly eight years.

"It is definitely not sanitary and it is so ugly," neighbor Susan Rubin said.

Rubin's backyard faces the golf course.

"It is really disgusting. It has been like this ever since I moved in," Rubin said.

Rubin says there has always been talk about turning the golf course into a park, but those plans never materialized.

"It is a unique piece of property and the issues are very complicated," Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams said.

Abrams says many ideas have surfaced regarding what to do with the land.

In 2010, he voted against another idea for development.

He says he still hasn't decided how he will vote this time, but that the county is having to pay to enforce code violations and it is becoming costly for the county.

"The issue here you want weeds or development? Some people think that weeds are preferable to development and some think that development is preferable to a deteriorating piece of property," Abrams said.

Rubin says in the beginning she was against new construction.

But after eight years of waiting, she says she is open to the idea of new homes.

"If that is the only viable option, I would be in favor of that as opposed to leaving it the way it is. Leaving it the way it is should not be an option at this point," Rubin said.

But the community is divided. Many other neighbors do not want to see any sort of development on the land.

Websites have been set up for both sides of the argument and some residents have started a petition they will bring to the commission on Thursday.

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