Temperatures drop in South Florida, Treasure Coast as residents bundle up for cold weather

Shoppers wear jackets, hoodies and even blankets

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Temperatures dropped on Monday night and people all across South Florida and along the Treasure Coast were throwing on jackets and sweaters.

As the sun set at locations like City Place in West Palm Beach, the wind also forced many inside.

The glow of a heater bounced off the reflection of restaurants like City Pizza, where inside, families who were not brave enough for the outdoors, chowed down on food.

"It's chilly, it's chilly. I've got two sweaters on," said Barbara Lugl, a Wellington Resident.

Barbara Lugl and her family preferred the indoors, where there was heat.

Jackets, hoodies and even blankets were a common sight outside.

"I get so cold so easily," said Bobbie Lamb, a North Palm Beach resident.

Even with temperatures dropping, some folks were of all things eating ice cream.

"I definitely look forward to these days and wish there were more cold days in Florida," said Frank Frasca, as he bit into a scoop of chocolate.

Retailers like Rebecca Kaplan, who owns Destination Palm Beach clothing store, was taking advantage of the drop in the mercury.

"It means business. Lots of sweatshirt business, hoodie business. The cold weather is good for business," said Kaplan.

Sales were up for Kaplan and she was actually enjoying the lower temperatures.

"I think it's perfect. I wish it would stay this way for a month or two," said Kaplan. "But I'm glad I'm not up north!"

Lugl, a native of New York City, said compared to South Florida she could never cut it back home. Thinking of the arctic temperatures in the Northeast make her cold even thinking about the weather.   

"I am a big baby," said Lugl.

Other folks who were out at City Place said they were cranking the heat as soon as they got home and bringing their pets inside. They will have a jacket ready to go in the morning as temperatures are expected to stay cooler throughout the morning.

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