Teachers from Spain at area schools

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - First graders at Berkshire Elementary are learning how to speak Spanish. Their teacher, Lucia Fayos Mares, just moved from Spain to teach the class. Lucia and four other teachers from Spain are at the school teaching Spanish. They will be there for three years.

When these first graders come to school, 75 percent of the day is learning the different subjects in Spanish. Twenty five percent in English. The teacher said, "Reading, writing, science, social studies, and then they have art."

The teachers from Spain stay for three years. The school's principal says the program is providing the youngsters with a good foundation for success.

Maria Bishop, the principal of Berkshire Elementary said, "We're finding that many of our English speaking speaking students were not being exposed to enough Spanish. Because this program is very demanding, not only do we want our students how to speak Spanish and understand, but they must be able to read, write and solve mathematical problems."
It might be a little harder now  for the students, but it could have a big payoff when they're older. Bishop said, "Of course it's going to help them obtain a position in our global economy and many job opportunities will open up for them here in our country as well as abroad. Also the understanding and appreciation of other cultures of people from other countries."

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