Tamika Carter, former Taco Bell employee, charged with taking store money

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A former fast food employee has been arrested after Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies says that she made a fast getaway with night deposits.

Deputies say that last April Tamika Carter was working the overnight shift at the Taco Bell at 6862 Okeechobee Boulevard.

Carter, according to investigators, was supposed to count the cash from the drive-thru window and then call her manager before it was deposited in the store safe.

The manager told investigators that Carter emptied the register but did not contact him.

Carter, according to the manager, told him that she counted the money but forgot to tell him before putting the cash in the safe.

Deputies said the manager checked the safe the next day and there was no deposit from the night before.

Carter did not report to work and her phone was disconnected, according information the manager gave to investigators.

Deputies arrested Carter on grand theft charges and estimate that at least $300 was taken from Taco Bell.

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