Talk to text danger: Study shows it is equally distracting as traditional texting while driving

Drivers falsely believe method is safe

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A new study released Tuesday morning shows that voice texting to send a message, is just as distracting as texting with your fingers while driving.

The Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University was the first to conduct the study comparing talk to text and traditional texting in an actual driving environment. 
43 people tested the theory driving along a test track.  First without any devices in the vehicle and again while texting and once more while using the talk to text application. 
Results showed that drivers took longer with talk to text application because of electronic transcription that had to be corrected. 

The experts said eye contact with the roadway was also decreased and driver response time was delayed no matter which method was used. 
They said there's a false belief that a talk to text application is safer when it's equally as distracting as traditional texting.