Taco Vida plans to expand, move to Clematis Street in place of Five Guys

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A new restaurant plans to open its doors in West Palm Beach in the coming months.

Today, the owners of Taco Vida were placing their new signs on the windows of the old Five Guys restaurant on Clematis Street.

According to customers, the restaurant is known for their variety of salsas, burritos, and tacos.


"Clematis street is going to be very exciting," said Silvia Martoy, owner of Taco Vida. "We have a lot of new ideas, keeping the same menu with the same concept but with a new look, so it's just going to be something special," she said.

The restaurant plans to have live music and salsa classes when the new location opens up later this Spring.

Previously, the restaurant was at Cityplace. After the owners moved, they found a new home off of Village Boulevard in West Palm Beach. Now the restaurant plans to make the Clematis Street location the flagship of the eateries.

"We're really looking forward to giving back in the community," said Martoy.


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