SunFest 2013: What to bring, and leave at home, list of allowed and banned items

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- SunFest kicks off this evening in downtown West Palm Beach. The five day event starts at 5 p.m.

For those who plan on coming out, there are many items that you can or can't bring to the event.

You can bring bags or purses, but they can't be any larger than 12X12X6. Bags will be searched on your way in through the gates.

You can't bring food to the event, or bottles that have already been opened. Organizers say you can bring a factory sealed water bottle. Baby food, however, is allowed along with food for people with medical conditions.

Service animals are allowed, but any other pets are not.

If you plan on attending one of the many concerts happening during the event, you can bring a beach towel or blanket to lay down on the ground. You are allowed to bring umbrellas, even those made for the beach, but if it's blocking someone's view you'll have to take it down.

For a full list of the items that are permitted, visit

The event ends Sunday, May 5.

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