State Attorney, police chief to meet with mayor after public dispute over crime, justice

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The chief of the City of West Palm Beach Police Department and the Palm Beach County State Attorney will meet at the behest of Mayor Jeri Muoio as early as this week, WPTV NewsChannel 5 has learned.

Last week, Chief Vincent DeMasi exposed a deep division between his department and the State Attorney's Office after Moses McCray, the man accused to trying to run over four police officers during a police-involved shooting, was not charged with attempted murder.

"I don't think that our State Attorney is prosecuting these individuals as much as I would like to see," DeMasi said.

On Wednesday, Muoio said DeMasi had expressed concerns out of frustration.

"If you go out and talk to anybody in the neighborhoods, people who are affected most personally by crime, they will tell you their concerns about getting these offenders prosecuted," Muoio said. "We do have concerns. And, we need to work on this together. And, it's an issue."

State Attorney Dave Aroberg countered DeMasi's claim and said his office had prosecuted nearly every felony arrest made by City of West Palm Beach police officers since January 1, 2012.

"Chief DeMasi is certainly entitled to his own opinions," Aronberg said. "He is not entitled to his own facts."

In an interview with WPTV NewsChannel 5, Muoio praised DeMasi, who recently applied to be chief of police in his hometown, Cincinnati.

"Applying for a job in Cincinnati is something that he has wanted to do," Muoio said. "I told him that I really hoped he didn't get the job because I think he's doing a great job as a chief."

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