St. Mary's Medical Center second floor section evacuated after possible ethylene oxide leak

Turned out to be a false alarm

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE:  Fire crews have sounded the all clear at St. Mary's Medical Center, where an alarm forced four employees into the hallway as a precaution.

Investigators say a faulty alarm went off in the sterile cycle room, where equipment is cleaned.

Fire crews checking the air quality determined there never was a gas or chemical leak.


A section of the second floor of St. Mary's Medical Center has been evacuated after a report of a chemical leak, according to Allen Ortman, spokesman for West Palm Beach Fire Rescue. 

The area of concern is the sterile cycle room on the north side of the complex. A cleaning chemical may have leaked.

4 employees were evacuated as a precaution after an alarm went off, according to a hospital spokesman.

He said no patients were evacuated

West Palm Beach Hazmat responded to the scene along with about a dozen fire rescue crews.

They are currently checking the air quality.

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