West Palm Beach residents concerned about two recent shootings in same spot

A man was shot and killed Monday on Broadway

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - West Palm Beach police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in broad daylight within yards of another recent shooting. Investigators say, at this point, the two crimes, ten days apart near the intersection of Broadway and 47th Street, are a 'coincidence'.

Police have identified the victim as Aaron Paul Stevenson, born in 1989. The shooting occurred just before 3:30 on Monday afternoon.

"Being in this environment is hostile," said Alexis Stan, who lives near the crime scene. He noticed that right next to the victim's body was a bicycle. Stan hops on his bicycle every day, riding that very stretch. Now, he says, he does so with more anxiety than ever. "Turning around to see if I'm safe, I shouldn't even be living that way," he said.

Police have yet to make any arrest or release a possible description of the suspect. Monday's incident took place feet from where another shooting took place just ten days before. Some residents say that is a dangerous case of déjà vu.

Rupert Harty, 31, was arrested in connection with a February 1 shooting. The male victim - a bicyclist - survived with 'serious' gunshot wounds.

Police say Harty was also the gunman in the December 22 fatal shooting of a nanny, Amaria Grant, who was also on a bike, riding on South Olive Avenue.

Investigators say that Monday's shooting and the previous shootings are not connected, saying their suspect for two prior shootings is already behind bars.

"I guess that's a coincidence that somebody else has to try and figure out," said Capt. David Bernhardt, of the West Palm Beach Police Department.

While a suspect, Harty, is in custody for the earlier shootings, the search for any suspect in Monday's shooting on Broadway is just getting under way. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the West Palm Beach Police Department.





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