Search warrant of person of interest in Dreyfoos School double homicide reveals 12 guns, ammunition

Police looking for bloody clothing, shell casings

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - A search warrant conducted by the West Palm Beach Police reveals guns and ammunition were found inside the apartment of Javier Burgos, a person of interest in the shooting deaths of two custodians at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

According to a search warrant, police found 12 guns. A Kel Tec rifle, a .45 caliber handgun, a shotgun, a revolver and several other rifles and firearms were found inside Burgos' apartment.

The guns were found in closet and a safe where police also found boxes of bullets.

Investigators also found a black bag with bullets inside. Police also removed boxes of documents, computers, hard drives and thumb drives from the Suburban West Palm Beach apartment.

The warrant also detailed police were searching for bloody clothing and shell casings. According to the warrant list, those items were not found.

The Palm Beach County School District also released dozens of additional pages of Burgos' personnel file.

In 2010, a district police reports indicates Burgos tried to sell a .22 caliber handgun on school grounds to an employee. Finding it suspicious, the incident was reported by the employee. The reporting officer noted Burgos could easily arm himself and conceal a firearm on school property.

Details of a conference between Burgos, his boss Ted Orama and school administrators were also released. A coordinator admitted he knew Burgos had guns, a history of inappropriate behavior and that custodians felt threatened. Burgos shot back that it was his fellow employees who provoked him.

Most recently, Burgos boss Ted Orama sent administrator Suzanne Smith a letter informing her employees at the Dreyfoos School were still having issues with Burgos.

Orama listed several examples and recommended Burgos get help through the Employee Assistance Program.  Whether Burgos attending the counseling remains a mystery.

The Palm Beach County School District did not return calls for comment.

The sister of Burgos said she still has not seen her brother and just wants him to be caught.

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